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Business opportunity. "Network marketing." Many people think that is some type of ponzi scheme or high pressure way of doing business. This false impression is really unfortunate. We believe when you get down to the reality it's all about friends sharing news about great products with friends.

Consider the following analogy: You happen to go to a restaurant that some friend mentioned to you and you really enjoy it. Interesting menu, tasty food, friendly people. A great experience at a price you consider a great value.

So what do you do? Most people know three or four friends that they want to share their impressions with. This is a very natural thing to do, it's how we all learn about new things that benefit us and we think others might enjoy as well.

With this restaurant example, when you share the information with others what do you get out of it? From a standpoint of your get appreciation! Everyone loves to hear about something new that might be of interest to them. But don't get anything back from the restaurant. Their business grows by word of mouth and as long as they continue to deliver great food, great experiences at a good value their business will prosper.

But this is where the Shaklee model is different. Because when you share the opportunity for friends to experience the great Shaklee products, you receive compensation from Shaklee on everything your friends choose to purchase. It's not a lot, but over time it can really begin to add up.

How can this difference benefit you?

We'll be honest in saying that many people who choose to enjoy Shaklee products never share the business opportunity with others...and we believe that is unfortunate. Why? You don't need to become some big "business builder" to benefit from sharing Shaklee.

Consider the following example. Vivix is a revolutionary product that Shaklee has just introduced which can help you feel younger and live longer. As a generalization, taking Vivix will cost about $3.00 a day. Is that a good value? We believe because it can help keep you healthy and full of vigor it is a small price to pay and a GREAT value. We think most people who experience the multitude of benefits of how taking Vivix will want to share it with their friends.

The Shaklee business opportunity enables you to financially benefit when someone you introduce Shaklee products to purchases product. Unlike sharing the lead on the restaurant example above, Shaklee pays you back for bringing people to it's wonderful products.

If you just share the Vivix story with three friends....and then they share the Vivix story with three friends each, do you realize that the "bonus" you receive from Shaklee each month will exceed your total cost of enjoying Vivix? So even if you aren't interested in devoting a lot of time to building a home based business, by just sharing the information of a product that is enhancing your health adn well-being with the people you care could end up in effect getting your Vivix for free. For life! And the same positive opportunity exists for everyone you bring into the Shaklee family!

So it isn't some grand ponzi scheme or a business you need to work at pushing lots of products to people you don't know. Just learn about and enjoy the products. Then share your positive impressions with those close to you that can also benefit from the products and this fantastic business opportunity.

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Legal disclaimer: Shaklee and Vivix are registered trademarks of the Shaklee Corporation. Gale Leigeber is an independent representative of Shaklee.

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