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Cellular Health

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Cellular health a key indicator of your body's overall condition.

Cellular health
Biological Terrain

The term Biological Terrain refers to the assessment of the health of your cells. It is built upon the insight that evaluating pH (acidity vs alkalinity), free radical activity (oxidation) and the minerals in bodily fluids can be an indication of the health of your organs.

Similar to plants needing fertile soil to flourish, the premise is that if your bodily fluids are in the proper range of balance, the function of cells in all of your physiological systems will excel. It’s about nourishing the basic building blocks of your body.

Nutritionists can measure your cellular health by assessing your urine, saliva and blood or predicting blood values given urine and saliva data). Comparing your values to benchmarks, they are able to identify any present factors that cause stress in your cells.

Once again, the solution for improved condition is to achieve A HEALTHY BALANCE.

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Why are your bodily fluids critically essential to health?

Bodily fluids perform 3 vital functions:

  • Your bodily fluids are responsible for delivering nutrients to every cell in your body. These electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and hormones are essential for your cells to perform their vital functions that maintain life and health.
  • In addition these fluids carry energy-rich substances to the cells that are used in restoring cellular damage and providing energy to reproduce new cells.
  • The third critical function is the movement of minerals from the cells for filtering and disposal by the body. Evaluating what is released from the cells is an indicator of biochemical cellular activity.

Monitoring the Biological Terrain provides insights into the vital biochemical functions that contribute to maintaining strength and vitality in the body.

When cells live in a healthy environment with balanced pH, nutrient and hydration levels, they thrive. And in this condition your immune systems are better equipped to resist the effects of damaging organisms such as bacteria, viruses, yeast and fungi.

What disturbs the cellular environment?

Your body is a series of complex biochemical systems. When your systems function optimally, your body exhibits vitality. However, excessive stress, poor diet, too little sleep, drugs, alcohol, smoking, poisons, or toxins create biochemical stress.

These imbalances negatively impact your cells normal chemical reactions and vital functions. Of course the remedy is to re-establish balance.

How A-Healthy-Balance monitors your Biological Terrain

A-Healthy-Balance utilizes a computerized device called a QFA 3500 to perform biochemical tests. Your urine, saliva and blood are analyzed and a quick and accurate assessment are made that can be evaluated and integrated with other observations.

Some of the key nutritional insights gained from Biological Terrain testing are detecting deficiencies or imbalances in calcium, vitamin C, minerals, and pH.

Cellular health

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