Classical Homeopathy
encourages your body
to Self-Heal and achieve
A Heathy Balance

Nourishing Your Body. Tuning Your Life Force.

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Classical Homeopathy tunes your mind and body in a holistic fashion, utilizing natural remedies to address your health issues. A Healthy Balance.
  • Are you suffering from longstanding conditions and not getting results from traditional medicine?
  • Are you seeking solutions to physical, mental or emotional problems?

Classical Homeopathy is a complementary alternative healthcare approach to wellness discovers a remedy that is matched to your unique condition which helps you achieve well-being.

We view health as a state of complete physical AND mental well-being, not merely the absence of disease or negative physical symptoms. A Healthy Balance.

Human beings are wonderfully complex mechanisms. Modern scientific research confirms that by its nature your body is constantly rejuvenating and dealing with environmental threats.

Our holistic health approach believes that when your body is nourished with proper nutrition and you are tuned into your life force, you maximize positive well-being.

This harmony reflects in vitality. It ends exhaustion and allows you to feel great again. We call that your HEALTHY BALANCE.


Different approaches to dealing with ailments

There is a big difference between modern drugs and classical homeopathy. Drugs are formulated to suppress specific symptoms. (If you have many symptoms doctors will typically give you many drugs!) The classical homeopath seeks to enhance your innate healing ability and thereby overcome the underlying sources of ailments NATURALLY, with natural remedies to help you achieve A HEALTHY BALANCE.

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This approach is based on the insight that a core physical imbalance is often reflected in many different symptoms and ailments.

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Rather than focusing on killing disease organisms, the holistic health approach focuses on addressing the natural immune functions deficiency which enabled disease organisms to proliferate in your body.

Just the way nature intends to eliminate disease.

Homeopathic remedies work by strengthening your body’s natural defense mechanisms.

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Because Classical Homeopathy treats the person….not the disease, it starts with discovery of your entire mental as well as physical conditions. Holistic health.

Classical Homeopaths don’t diagnose or treat disease. Rather, they seek a single solution which can enhance your physical and mental functions.

A Healthy Balance. A body in balance with strong defenses is full of energy and ready to fully enjoy life.

Your individuality and life force alignment

The scope of Classical Homeopathy focuses not only with health problems, but also with personality types called constitutions or archetypes.

Each life force type (also commonly known as vital force--click here to learn more) is based on the premise that all living things are connected at the energetic level. The ancient Greeks called this the “divine breath”.

The Classical Homeopath approach's belief is that each individual’s archetype is aligned with a specific natural remedy. No matter the ailment or symptom, you gain benefit with doses of your constitutional remedy.

Similar symptoms from different causes

Traditional medicine focuses primarily on treating symptoms. Similar symptoms are be perceived to be basically the same. If you have a cough…you’re told “take cough medicine”.

However, because the Classical Homeopath digs deeper to understand the total connectedness of a person’s conditions, she uncovers significant important differences.

For example, pain, swelling and redness could be the result of either an infection or some irritation. While one could suppress these symptoms with a singular medication, the homeopath realizes that getting to the source probably requires very different remedies.

Someone who has a persistent raspy cough while breathing cold air should be perceived to be very different than a person who has a dry cough at night that goes away if they sit up in bed.

Two types of ailments

If the illness is acute (temporary onset, severe symptoms that last for a short duration) a wide variety of natural remedies may be recommended.

However, if the conditions suggest a chronic ailment (slow onset, symptoms that grow in severity over time and have a very long duration) identifying the patient’s constitutional remedy is the preferred homeopathic solution.

How can I find out if Classical Homeopathy is right for me?

The Classical Homeopath treats the PERSON, not the DISEASE to achieve a healthy balance. Nevertheless, people with many typical ailments have found relief through homeopathic care:

  • Autism
  • Sleeplessness, chronic fatigue
  • Allergies, skin disease
  • Headaches, migraine
  • Colds and flu
  • Asthma
  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • Behavioral problems
  • Depression
  • Menopause and menstrual irregularities
  • Food intolerance, digestive disorders

The Classical Homeopath always begins with a fact finding interview. Everything from sleep patterns and food preferences to emotions such as fear, anger and sadness may be explored as well as current symptoms of disease.

While it is helpful for the patient to meet with the Classical Homeopath in person, many practitioners help clients virtually, over the phone or web.

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