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Energy Balance Evaluation

This is an important assessment for measuring imbalances which limit Holistic Health. Correcting these imbalances helps to ensure A Healthy Balance.

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Meridian Stress Assessment (MSA)

Very popular energy balance assessment tool. This is also referred to as Electro-acupuncture according to Voll (EAV) or Electrodermal Screening (EDS). A non-invasive assessment of your body’s bioenergetic system, it quickly highlights areas of nutritional balance and deficiency. When properly utilized, while we can’t diagnose, this approach recommends the precise nutritional supplementation you need given the current health of your body as well as you diet and lifestyle choices for A Healthy Balance. It is based on skin responses to stress and is a type of biofeedback.

In other words, everybody needs daily intake of magnesium to support muscle and nerve health. But does your body require 200, 400 or 800mg’s/day? What are you getting naturally from the foods you typically eat?

Meridian stress assessment

Clients report being truly amazed at the professional medically approved device called Meridian Stress Assessment PRO (MSA), manufactured by a company called Biomeridian. In as little as an hour, dozens of readings are made which lead to valuable insights. It is able to energetically identify food sensitivities and allergies as well as match specific nutrients to sub-optimized body systems.

Meridian stress assessment

The MSA system works by measuring the energy levels that run through your body on meridians to specific points on your hands or feet. Similar to acupuncture, by assessing these points one is able to address the effective function of organs in your body. When organs are not functioning in an optimal zone, this is often an indication of nutritional imbalance or specific food sensitivities.

No doubt, after a proper review of your background data, Gale will be using the MSA to blueprint your journey to energy balance and optimal health for A Healthy Balance.

Limbic Stress Assessment (LSA)

Principles are similar to point testing (MSA) but uses palm points to measure energy balance on meridian pathways.

This equipment is made by a company called Zyto Corporation. Similar to Meridian Stress Assessment, the technology uses quantum physics as well as established Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) technology to measure fluctuations in electrical conductivity of the skin. However in this case, a client places their hand on a hand cradle. The software sends stimuli to the body using digital signatures that represent actual things, and the fluctuations in GSR are measured and interpreted. The response helps the practitioner to see how the body responds to the items being assessed, which ones it prefers, and how much it prefers them. This knowledge is used by healthcare practitioners like Gale to maximize their results by helping them choose the right solution for their clients at the right time.

One advantage: While a face-to-face consultation is preferred, this does not have to be conducted in person. It can be done over the internet!

Limbic stress assessment

DISCLAIMER: A Note to Classical Homeopaths and those seeking Classical Homeopathic care. Gale Leigeber / A Healthy Balance has been thoroughly trained in the interview methodology and Classical Homeopathy. While Gale has found the Meridian Stress Assessment and Limbic Stress Assessment extremely beneficial in finding imbalances, she does NOT utilize them in finding the similimum or homeopathic remedies. However, they can be excellent tools to help confirm remedies determined after a thorough homeopathic interview. Gale Leigeber / A Healthy Balance uses and orders remedies from respected laboratories only.

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