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Food sensitivity and laboratory testing. You will want to take advantage of our many laboratory testing resources, including the most advanced molecular level nutritional biochemical technology available today.

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Some of our most highly recommended assessments include:

Your Future Health Comprehensive evaluations with food supplement recommendations. For more information go the website for Your Future Health.

Metametrix Clinical Laboratory Organic Acids "The Organix (urine organic acids) Profile provides a view into the body’s cellular metabolic processes and the the efficiency of metabolic function. Identifying metabolic blocks that can be treated nutritionally allows individual tailoring of interventions that maximize patient response and leads to improved patient outcomes." – Metametrix Cllinical Laboratory Directory of Services

Food allergy and sensitivity panels IgG Food Antibody (Various labs)

Amino Acid Profiles "The Bloodspot Amino Acid Assay is a finger stick amino acid assessment that measures all of the essential plus key non-essential amino acids." – Metametrix Clinical Laboratory Directory of Services

Nutrigenomic Testing Nutrigenomics is the study of molecular relationships between nutrition and the response of genes. Nutrigenomics has been associated with the idea of personalized nutrition based on your genetic profile.

Other assessments may include evaluation of stools, toxic effects profiles, element profiles (hair analysis), health risk profiles, fat soluble vitamin profiles, oxidative indicators, hormone profiles, and digestive enzyme assessment.

Charges would include the price of the tests which would vary depending on the lab, plus a fee for interpretation.

For an overview of many things which may be included in a Nutritional Consultation, click here

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