Gale Leigeber
assists clients in achieving
Well-Being and Holistic Health
A Healthy Balance

Nourishing Your Body. Tuning Your Life Force.

Gale Leigeber/A-Healthy-Balance has been helping clients improve their health for over 15 years.

She believes that each individual is different and all improvement plans must be personalized. Through assessment and education, she helps you comprehend what is going on in your body and how changes in lifestyle, diet, nutritional supplementation or homeopathic remedy can positively impact your well-being, lead to holistic healing and A Healthy Balance. Her fundamental philosophy is that when the body is in balance, well-nourished, and fine tuned, it is able to self-heal and maintain vibrancy.

Meet Gale Leigeber

There are several ways you can build trust that a healthcare provider can help you achieve your long term health goals, as well as overcome short term symptoms. Gale Leigeber has an abundance of credentials that should provide confidence in her ability to comprehend what is going on in your body and the appropriate actions to be taken that assist you in your journey to well-being. But please don't feel intimidated. Gale loves working with people, is extremely humble and sincerely cares about the health and well-being of her clients. She is down-to-earth and passionate about healing. Clients leave with a healthy sense of balance.

  • Degrees: BA and MAT (Master of Arts for Teachers) in Spanish, Indiana University; MS in Food Science and Nutrition, Mississippi State University; MS and PHD level studies in Nutrition, The Ohio State University
  • Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN): This national certification through CNCB (International and American Associations of Clinical Nutritionists - IAACN) requires years of post graduate training, as well as successfully passing examinations, credentials review and ongoing annual training.
  • Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS): CBNS (The American College of Nutrition). This accreditation is for credentialed professionals who must demonstrate proficiency through clinical experience and examinations.
  • Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist (LDN): This state of Pennsylvania licensure requires years of post graduate training in both dietetics and nutrition.
  • Diplomat in Advanced Nutrition Laboratory Analysis (DANLA): Additional Advanced Laboratory Training through the CNCB (International And American Associations of Clinical Nutritionists IAACN)
  • Homeopathy: Gale is a graduate one of the most rigorous homeopathic training programs in the country at the Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy in Minnesota. Unique to the program were 2 years of course study plus 2 years of internship and mentoring by some of the most renowned homeopaths worldwide.
  • Honors: Sigma Xi Scientific Research Honorary Society.Research conducted on Essential Fatty Acids in Catfish and Freshwater Prawn, and Food Habits.

    Gale Leigeber has additional training in Bioenergetics through the Doctoral Diplomate Level from the Academy of Bioenergetics.

Benefits of multiple complementary alternative health care approaches

When it comes to alternative health care providers, you will discover that most specialize in just one type of therapy. While that may reflect the practitioner's personal interest and convictions, an integrative approach combining the benefits of nutrition, diet and homeopathy may better able to address your personal needs.

This expertise is unique. It is one more reason that so many people have found A-Healthy-Balance to offer practical solutions that make a difference in their well-being.

Gale Leigeber
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Nutritional Supplements

We have found that the products manufactured by Shaklee Corporation are the best value in nutrition simply because these products work. It is not just that someone says they's the scientific proof that is evident in the over 100 peer reviewed journal articles that have been published which incorporate Shaklee products. We think efficacy is the primary reason that Shaklee Corporation has become the number one natural nutrition company in the USA.

As a trained complementary and alternative healthcare provider, Gale Leigeber understands the scientific background of how your body works and how nutritional balance is so critical to well-being. She has found the full array of Shaklee products to be quite helpful to the hundreds of clients that she has positively impacted. She has looked at many, many different products and product lines and consistently finds the products from Shaklee Corporation in tune with her philosophy in helping clients achieve well-being, healing, and a healthy balance.

You certainly do not need to become a Shaklee user to gain benefit from A-Healthy-Balance. We will work with you if you have another favorite brand, we've worked with many different brands. However, we believe once you understand the reasons why we perceive Shaklee products to be superior…and the lengths to which we have sought out the finest, you will trust our judgment and be anxious to give them a try.


For more information on the benefits of supplementation and the Shaklee difference including research references, click here.

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Holistic Health. A Healthy Balance.
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Nourishing Your Body. Tuning Your Life Force.