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Nourishing Your Body. Tuning Your Life Force.

A Healthy Balance professional services and fees are consistent across all practices because we tend to recommend integrative solutions that may involve diet, lifestyle change, nutritional supplementation and or homeopathic remedies. We discover solutions that work for you across specializations to achieve your long term health goals and balance.

As well, since every individual’s needs and assessments are different, our approach is to charge by the month rather than the visit or call whenever services are utilized. This enables you all the time and effort required to get you on the path to wellness and A Healthy Balance.

Introductory exploratory conversations:

Gale Leigeber welcomes a 15-20 minute telephone conversation to discuss your or your family’s top-line health status and enhancement goals. She will discuss her practice and specialties. There is no cost or obligation for this introductory evaluation.

Initial consultation:

Initial evaluations include an in-depth review of your health history and current condition. Frequently Gale will utilize the Meridian Stress Assessment professional medical system to evaluate your current state of nutritional balance. In other situations an in-depth Homeopathic assessment is initiated to determine your personal life force. These initial sessions typically last two hours and the cost for this initial session is $250.

This initial fee also covers follow-up phone consultations for review of your status or how initial action plans are being implemented within the first month.

Follow-up consultations:

Follow-up appointments or interpretations of laboratory test results are $75. This covers time in the office, on the telephone, or in case study.

Laboratory fees will vary depending on the specific test recommended. Homeopathic remedies are included within the monthly fee, of course nutritional supplementation are not.

Should you go two or three months between follow up consultations, there obviously are no charges for months with lack of direct contact.

Payment for services

Payment for A Healthy Balance service is due at the appointment via cash or personal check. Financing can be arranged using a credit or debit card, a 4% additional charge we pay for using this credit cards will be added to your total. Medical services are not taxed in Pennsylvania.

While we do not deal directly with insurance companies, some fees may be reimbursable depending on your insurance company. We will provide an invoice which you will be able to use for reimbursement.

Special package plans

You can purchase the initial consultation and 3 follows for $400 paid in advance, (normally $475) or the initial consultation and 6 follow-ups for $550, (normally $700).

There is also a family rate for three members of the immediate family $500 (normally $750) plus each additional family member is $150 for initial consultations.

Charges for cancelations

Cancellations will be free of charge if you inform the office 48 hrs. prior the appointment or in case of an emergency. Otherwise 50% of the fee will be due.


Records of client visits and other transactions with Gale Leigeber / A Healthy Balance are confidential and will only be shared with other medical providers upon your written request.

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