Your Holistic Health Practitioner:
Our Role
in your achieving
Well-being, Holistic Health and
A Healthy Balance
Classical Homeopathy and Nutrition

Nourishing Your Body. Tuning Your Life Force.

Your Classical Homeopath and Nutritionist's Role in Your Wellness

Holistic Health Practitioner: Our Role in your achieving A Healthy Balance

1. Assess the situation and explain it to you:

Listen carefully to what you say.

Review your symptoms, carry out exam, order necessasry tests.

Look for correlations to what else is going on in your life.

Form an opinion regarding your condition, possible causes and possible Nutrition, Dietary and Classical Homeopathic recommendations.

Explain the Nutrition and Classical Homeopathic Recommendations to you in understandable terms.

2. Explain options for addressing the situation:

Present Nutrition, Dietary, Supplements and Classical Homeopathic choices and / or action needed.

Explain expected benefits of Nutrition, Diet, and Classical Homeopathy and possible related issues - now and in the future.

Suggest what you can do to help yourself - healthy eating, healthy foods.

Tell you what might happen if Nutrition, Dietary, or Classical Homeopathic changes are made or not implemented.

Acknowledge that there may be other options.

Be open to your desire for a second opinion.

Answer your questions regarding Nutrition, Diet and Classical Homeopathy.

3. Support your recovery:

Provide the chosen Classical Homeopathic remedy sources, Dietary recommendations, Supplement recommendations and Nutrition recommendations.

Refer you to appropriate practitioners and healers.

Adapted from "Wellness from Within: The First Step", American Holistic Health Association

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Holistic Health. A Healthy Balance.
Classical Homeopathy. Nutrition.

Nourishing Your Body. Tuning Your Life Force.