Classical Homeopathic Care
is your road to
A Healthy Balance!

Nourishing Your Body. Tuning Your Life Force.

Homeopathic therapy always begins with a detailed interview. To discover the specific cause that can be manifesting in your physical or mental symptoms, the initial perspective must be broad.

Interviews cover detailed questions on your mental, emotional and physical conditions. The Classical Homeopath analyzes several factors to determine your life force classification, whether your condition is acute or chronic and then recommend a remedy/dosage best suited to your specific and individual needs.


Classical Homeopathy is a holistic alternative and complementary approach to healing considers all aspects of you as a whole person; supporting your mental and emotional level as well as physical in your journey to achieve A Healthy Balance.

The job of the Classical Homeopath is to evaluate your complete condition and uncover what is at the core of your imbalance. It is the combination of symptoms and mental state that suggest the appropriate natural Classical Homeopathic solution.

When your body is properly nourished and in balance, the many environmental germs and bacteria that you are exposed to do not proliferate and cause illness. They are expunged.

However, when your defense mechanisms are weak these disease organisms take hold and multiply in ways that can create debilitating disease conditions and physical symptoms.

The power of a strong internal defense should make eminent sense. Have you ever wondered why when a number of people eat tainted food at a picnic only a few succumb to diarrhea? Or when a number of people are exposed to the same germs only a few catch cold?

It’s all dependent on you body’s condition. Bodies in balance with strong immune systems are able to combat the germs before they are able to infect the healthy body. This is happening all the time….everyday.

Isn’t this the way you’d choose to be? It’s possible with an integrative, natural approach to health and holistic healing.

Psychosomatic ailments

Disorders that lead to physiological conditions but originate in the mind are termed psychosomatic ailments.

Many diseases such as migraine headaches, ulcers, hypertension and diabetes are often psychosomatic, caused by an unhealthy mental state. These chronic ailments manifest in debilitating physical conditions.

The health of your organs can be significantly impacted by your nervous system and this is driven by your mental state. Mental conditions like anxiety or fear cause a general rise in blood pressure and reduction of your gastrointestinal activity. This in turn impacts the physical health of your organs.

Really solving the problem?

There is a key difference between a Classical Homeopathic solution and allopathic medicines.

A person who takes a drug for high blood pressure everyday isn’t being cured, just attempting to suppress the symptoms. In contrast, Classical Homeopathy aims to restore health and well-being.

After successful Classical Homeopathic regimens, not only are the disrupting symptoms and core ailment eliminated but the mind becomes calm and peaceful as well.


Classical Homeopaths typically recommend one remedy which provides overall support for your symptoms. This means there is never the risk of negative interactions between remedies.

In some acute conditions, a number of possible remedies may be used in quick succession until one takes effect. However for chronic illness the best solution may be your constitutional remedy.

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