Classical Homeopathy and Nutrition
used together bring
Holistic Healing and A Healthy Balance.

Nourishing Your Body. Tuning Your Life Force.

Homeopathy and Nutrition work together as synergistic healing modalities to bring about Holistic Health and A Healthy Balance.
We need both to heal and for well-being.

Classical Homeopathy makes Nutrition therapy better.Good Nutrition helps Classical Homeopathy.

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The case is very strong for Classical Homeopathy and Nutrition separately and even stronger in many cases to consider them together. This page presents arguments for both, two of Gale Leigeber / A Healthy Balance's greatest passions in healing. For that reason, it is one of her favorite pages of the website. Perhaps, in a sense, it brings about a new discipline, Homeopathic nutrition or maybe Nutritional homeopathy. that incorporates the benefits of both Classical Homeopathy and Nutrition.

Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of Classical Homeopathy was aware of the importance of essential substances (today we call them nutrients and nutrition) back in the 1700's and early 1800's long before those nutrients were discovered and vitamins were given names. Even back then, he was aware of the benefits and needs of both nourishing your body and tuning your life force. Three Aphorisms (Principles) from his Organon of the Medical Art are very illustrative. Gale's comments are in blue below.

Aphorism 76

Only for natural diseases has the all-beneficient One granted us help through homeopathy. As for the unsparingly forced (often years long) debilitations by means of false art (through wasting of blood, emaciation, setons and fontanels) and the internal and external botchings and cripplings of the human organism by harmful medicines and inexpedient treatments, the life force itself would have to reverse [countermand] them (with expedient help against any chronic miasm that may still be lying in the background) if it has not already been too debilitated through such misdeeds, and if it can spend several years, undisturbed, for this enormous pursuit. A human medical art for the normalization of the countless abnormalities so often wrought by the calamitous allopathic art, there is and cannot be.

Basically what Hahnemann is referring to are medical treatments used at the time such as starvation and other methods which lead to poor nutrition and emaciation as we know today. These methodologies weaken the vital force and lead away from A Healthy Balance. He says the life force would have to reverse them if it is not already too debilitated. In other words, we need our nutrition to be in A Healthy Balance to strengthen our vital force. Lack of good nutrition is an OBSTACLE TO CURE. A tie to homeopathy. Classical Homeopathy and Nutrition work better together for A Healthy Balance.

Aphorism 77

Those diseases are improperly called chronic that are suffered by people who:
1. continually expose themselves to avoidable malignities,
2. habitually partake of harmful food or drink,
3. abandon themselves to intemperances of all kinds, which undermine health,
4. undergo prolonged deprivation of things that are necessary for life,
5. live in unhealthy places (especially marshy areas),
6. reside only in cellars, damp workplaces or other confined quarters,
7. suffer lack of exercise or open air,
8. deprive themselves of health by excessive mental or bodily exertions,
9. live in constant vexation, etc.

These kinds of ill-health that people bring upon themselves disappear spontaneously under an improved lifestyle, provided no chronic miasm lies in the body. These cannot be called chronic diseases.

So the kind of things people bring on to themselves where not considered chronic diseases according to Hahnemann. And when they are corrected in the environment or by taking in foods and nutrition, they are not cured. Instead, they "spontaneously disappeared". Those were well chosen words. Hahnemann did not use the word "cure" as he did when chronic diseases or miasms are treated by homeopathy. Whereas, in the case of nutritional diseases such as scurvy, modern nutrition texts do indeed use the word "cure". But for Hahnemann, a "cure" needed to be rapid, gentle and PERMANENT. By giving Vitamin C in cases of scurvy, it causes the scurvy to spontaneously disappear. However, if the proper intake of Vitamin C is not consumed regularly, a deficiency will again result, and the scurvy has not been cured by Hahnemann's definition. It is not permanent. At the same time, Nutrition is very important, as Hahnemann advised that we should not go for prolonged periods of deprivation of things that are necessary for life, as nutrients are, whether we obtain them from food or supplements. Classical Homeopathy and Nutrition fit together. Classical Homeopathy helps Nutrition work better. Good Nutrition helps homeopathy work better. Classial Homeopathy and Nutrition for A Healthy Balance.

Aphorism 78

The true, natural, chronic diseases are those that arise from a chronic miasm. When left to themselves (without the use of remedies that are specific against them) these diseases go on increasing. Even with the best mental and bodily dietetic conduct, they mount until the end of life, tormenting the person with greater and greater sufferings.

Besides those diseases that are engendered by medical malpractice (Aphorism 74), these are the most numerous and greatest tormentors of human race, in that the most robust bodily anlage, the best regulated lifestyle, and the most vigorous energy of the life force are not in a position to eradicate them.

So true, natural, chronic diseases result from chronic miasms (inherited or acquired energetic tendencies), and they go on increasing and worsen without the use of homeopathic remedies. That means even with the best mental frame of mind and the best food, nutrients, nutrition and nourishment they will still remain, unless the underlying miasm is treated. That means that even if a person who needed homeopathic magnesium carbonicum as a remedy consumed tablet after tablet of magnesium from the very best nutritional supplements available, until the underlying magnesium carbonicum state is treated with the homeopathic magnesium carbonicum remedy in the correct potency, the supplemental magnesium would not be utillized by the body. Classical Homeopathy and Nutrition combine for more complete healing.

We need BOTH the Classical Homeopathy and the Nutrition to heal the person and bring about A HEALTHY BALANCE and Holistic Health.

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Holistic Health. A Healthy Balance.
Classical Homeopathy. Nutrition.

Nourishing Your Body. Tuning Your Life Force.