Landmark Study proves
Shaklee Natural Supplements
are more effective in leading to
a Longer Healthier Life

Nourishing Your Body. Tuning Your Life Force.

Landmark Study.This landmark study is the proof that other vitamin supplement companies only wish they could claim as their own. The thing is, not only does it prove the effectiveness of taking Shaklee supplements over time, but it even shows that the control group taking other brands of vitamins experienced more illness than those who didn’t take any supplements at all!

We are not trying to suggest that all other brands of supplements are ineffective. Certainly some other brands come from natural sources and utilize GMP protocols. However, isn’t it prudent to choose the ONLY brand that provides the scientific, peer reviewed proof of their claims?

For 50 years Shaklee has proved efficacy in research studies before they put any product on the market. They understand the science of how products positively impact your body at the cellular level. In fact, they have invested over $250MM in research that has optimized their natural supplements and ensured all the benefits put into the supplements can be fully utilized by your body.

The best value in nutritional products

Shaklee supplements certainly aren’t the least expensive supplements available. However, because they are more effective, we believe they provide significant value for your dollar.

Many other brands just rely upon hearsay claims of nutrient efficacy and they focus on cost effective way of creating synthetic chemical compounds that can be called vitamins or herbal remedies. But because many of these compounds are not obtained direct from food sources found in nature, they don’t include many of the micro-nutrients that aid your body to absorb and fully utilize the nutrients in your body.

Clear proof of superior performance

Don’t just take our word for it. Read the articles and research for yourself. We believe you will be enlightened. We hope this information builds trust in the Shaklee brand. Perhaps it will begin to build skepticism about some of the outrageous claims that other manufacturers make. The choice is yours…as well as the resulting impact on your well-being and Healthy Balance.

Legal disclaimer: Shaklee is a registered trademark of Shaklee Corporation. Gale Leigeber A Healthy Balance is an Independent Distributor of Shaklee products.

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