Tuning your Life Force
A Healthy Balance

Nourishing Your Body. Tuning Your Life Force.

Your Life Force is critical to holistic health, well-being and A Healthy Balance.

There is an energy in all living organisms that strives to achieve a natural balance.

Even things that are inanimate have a different feelling if they were made from something that was alive. Think of the different a piece of cotton, wool or silk fabric has from one that is polyester.

Or consider the difference between a plastic orange, orange juice and a whole orange. The whole orange feels real.

Your particular type

From a classical homeopathic perspective, each person can be classified being driven by a singular energy called you constitutional type. Your constitutional remedy increases your vitality to enhance your ability to ward off germs or stress that would diminish your well-being, holistic health, and healthy balance.

A couple of analogies are instructive

iron filings
Think about dropping a handful of iron filings on the table. They will be randomly arranged, each pointing in different directions. However, if you set a magnet on the table a few inches away, as if by magic the filings will all shift. They will become aligned in the same direction driven by the power of the magnetic field.

piano keyboard
Or consider a piano which has several strings out of tune. Rather than beautiful music, tapping its keys creates discord! But if you tune the strings, the harmonious function is once again very pleasing.

Related to these examples, your constitutional remedy helps align your energy and put you into a perfect healthy balance.

The idea of vitalism impacts at the energetic level. When potentized by your constitutional remedy your body and mental functions become optimized. A Healthy Balance.

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Nourishing Your Body. Tuning Your Life-Force.