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NASH is the North American Society of Homeopaths.

America needs health care that is less expensive, treats pathology and injuries successfully and makes the patient's overall health better, stronger and more resilient. Homeopathy is such a system of medicine.

What is homeopathy? Homeopathy is a safe, effective system of natural medicine used by millions of people worldwide for more than 200 years. Homeopathic medicines are prepared from natural sources, are used in extremely small amounts and are recognized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. (National Center For Homeopathy)

Homeopathy is effective.There are numerous scholarly studies that prove the efficacy of Homeopathy. The CDC records in Atlanta clearly show the success in treating the many epidemics that ravaged our country in the 1800's and early 1900's, including the deadly influenza epidemics and small pox epidemics. Homeopaths lost less than one third of their patients, whereas the allopaths of the day lost 98% of their patients. Homeopathy successfully treated sepsis and shock in battle-related injuries. The largest indication of homeopathy's efficacy is in the numbers of citizens who pay out of their own pockets for care. The National Institute of Health published in December 2008 that 1.8% of adults and 1.3% of children used homeopathic medicine.

Homeopathy is safe. Homeopathic medicines have NO SIDE EFFECTS. Numerous studies report on the absence of toxic effects with homeopathic medicines. Homeopathy is safe for pregnant women and infants. Homeopathic medicines do not adversely interact with conventional allopathic medicines. Homeopathic medicines are hypoallergenic.

Homeopathy is affordable. Homeopathic care costs a fraction of conventional allopathic medicine. Homeopathic medicines cost a few dollars, rather than the extraordinary costs of pharmaceuticals that patient, insurance companies and Medicare must pay. In addition to savings on medicinal costs, homeopathy reduces the need for expensive tests and procedures. Homeopathic practitioners do not diagnose conditions in order to successfully treat all conditions. Homeopathic practitioners have very scientific and precise methods to determine treatment. The homeopath spends time understanding the patient and their problem and through the homeopathic process determines the proper treatment which will effectively clear the disease.

Homeopathy is time-tested. First developed in the mid 1700's, homeopathy today is a primary part of medicine in other countries, European and Asian. Homeopathy was a primary part of medicine in the United States through the start of the last century. There were homeopathic medical schools (20) and homeopathic hospitals (100). Currently, there are many well-trained, professional homeopaths safely practicing in the United States. Homeopaths continue to deliver safe, effective and inexpensive health care, as they have for decades and centuries. Homeopathic care results in much better over-all health for the patient. Homeopathy treats specific pathology. Homeopathy very successfully treats viral infections and long-term degenerative conditions.

(Source: North American Society of Homeopaths NASH)

Bottom line - NASH supports achieving A Healthy Balance by means of a safe, effective and affordable alternative and complementary healthcare modality: Homeopathy.

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