A simple explanation of how
Homeopathic Natural Remedies
work to achieve
A Healthy Balance

Nourishing Your Body. Tuning Your Life Force.

Natural remedies stimulate the innate healing power of your body so the organs and systems function at their best. It is a preventative approach to health because the remedies focus on strengthening your whole being from an holistic health perspective to achieve A Healthy Balance.

The Classical Homeopath focuses on a much broader scope than the allopath (modern physician). Classical Homeopathy acts at the energetic level which affects mental and emotional symptoms as well as physical to achieve A Healthy Balance overall. Physicians focus on solving specific health problems, generally at the chemical level.

Like cures Like

The basis of Classical Homeopathy is that natural substances which in their crude state cause negative symptoms can be utilized in a very diluted form to treat ailments.

Simple examples are instructive.

Everyone who has peeled raw onions has experienced burning eyes, streaming tears or a burning nasal discharge. When dealing with a patient experiencing allergic reactions or a virus which manifests similar symptoms, the Classical Homeopath may prescribe a natural remedy derived from red onions.

Or remedies made from a form of coffee may be utilized in therapy to treat some forms of insomnia.

But don’t be miss-led to thinking that Classical Homeopathy is just another “home remedy” like herbals. Herbal remedies (just like drugs) address the symptoms of an ailing body through chemical reactions. Homeopathic remedies stimulate your immune system to enhance self-healing and achieve balance.

Why feeling bad can represent something good

No matter how uncomfortable illness may seem, the symptoms you experience are key to understanding how your body is attempting to heal itself. Instead of ameliorating the symptoms as drugs are designed to do, the Classical Homeopath discovers the core cause of ailments and utilized remedies that can strengthen the affected organs.

Consider trying to stop a persistent cough or allergies like hay fever. Conventional prescription or OTC medicines are designed to suppress the cough, sneezing or watery eyes.

In contrast, Classical Homeopathy works differently. The classial homeopath may provide a remedy from a source that causes a healthy person to cough or sneeze. However, in its potentized form, this same substance stimulates the ailing body to restore its defenses so the symptoms go away naturally.

Of course the benefit of homeopathic therapy is that the symptoms will not return to the body in balance, unlike what typically occurs when traditional drug suppressants are removed.

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