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  • Natural supplements: how are they different from common store brands?
  • How can I determine the quality of the supplements?
  • Is there any real evidence taking supplements will aid my well-being?

Natural supplements. Hundreds of millions of people choose to take nutritional supplements each year. Unfortunately we believe most of them are wasting their money! Why? Because only a small percentage of the vitamins taken each year are supplements make from natural sources and research has proven that many synthetic vitamins don’t live up to their advertising or package claims.

There are thousands of brands of nutritional supplements sold around the world. We are sure you have heard many outrageous claims that of course are far from the truth. In fact, science will confirm that some of these products are not just not effective but downright harmful.

That is one reason we have taken the time to be so complete in the nutritional education this website provides.

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Why are natural supplements superior?

In order for nutrients to have a positive impact on health, they must be able to be fully absorbed at the proper point of your digestive system (bioavailability) and be complete (not just the core compound being chemically identical but also including all of the micro-nutrients as they occur in nature.)

All brands of natural supplements aren’t the same

Some brands claim to include natural ingredients but also contain additives, chemicals or fillers such as starch, gluten or silica.

We have discovered that while there are certainly many small manufacturers of high quality natural supplements, there is no brand that begins to compare with Shaklee.


Why? We look for the research and manufacturing protocols that confirm efficacy. Shaklee has lots of it, others none or not so much. We look to the investment in research and development and scientists on staff. Shaklee has lots of it, others not so much. We look for the testing of purity and potency. Once again, Shaklee has lots of it, others not so much.

And finally, we look to the impact that Shaklee products have had on our lives as well as the multitude of clients of A-Healthy-Balance. Personal experience documents that Shaklee products create the positive healthy effects that are desired.

We have also found it to be easier for our clients to achieve nutritional balance with Shaklee than other brands. We are sold on Shaklee and hope that you will begin to experience them as you learn more about their benefits.

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In 2007 Shaklee celebrated its 50th anniversary. Not only had it attained the leading position within the natural nutrition industry over the years, but it finally received the confirmation of superiority in its business philosophy that it just had “faith” in.

I’m speaking of the Landmark Study conducted by the University of California at Berkeley. This longitudinal study clearly documents that people who were consistent users of a combination of Shaklee products over a 20 year period had markedly superior health than the general population of non-supplement users. And while this was speculated, what wasn’t was that the users of competitive brands of supplements were found even have higher incidences of health issues than the non-supplement control panel!

Discover the benefits of Shaklee supplements documented by the Landmark Study by clicking here.

Why our bodies age and the importance of cellular health

Well-being and the impact of our aging bodies are dynamically interconnected. Recent research is providing significant insights into the aging process and how nutrition and lifestyle changes can impact our bodies ability to self-heal and hold off the natural aging process.

In this video Dr. Jamie McManus fully explains the aging process.

Related to anti-aging, Shaklee has recently introduced a revolutionary new product called Vivix. It is quickly becoming the most significant nutritional product and we believe as the word gets out, it should become their most widely used product.

Why? It has the ability to enhance your health at the cellular level. It is proven to turn back the aging process, give you more energy and help all organs of your body to function more effectively.

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