Nutrition Assessment:
Evaluating Health and Nutrition Status
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Nutrition assessment is important in Holisitc Health and for A Healthy Balance to locate any imbalances.

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Gale Leigeber / A Healthy Balance incorporates a highly comprehensive Food Frequency Questionnaire to analyze intake of over 100 different nutrients and other dietary surveys to develop personalized food plans and make personal dietary recommendations for A Healthy Balance. For more information on dietary assessment, click here:

Dietary Assessment


In many situations filling out a Health Questionnaire can be very informative in Nutrition Assessment and lead to holistic solutions for A Healthy Balance.


Many laboratories provide biochemical information on the status of your health as a means of Nutritional Assessment. Biochemical tests include Laboratory and Food Sensitivity Analysis

Examples are:

  • Metabolic Markers
  • Food sensitivities (ALCAT/LEAP)
  • Hormonal testing – saliva and urine
  • Your Future Health (blood test)
  • Nutrigenomics Testing
Laboratory and Food Sensitivity Testing


The term biological terrain refers to the assessment of the health of your cells. It is built upon the insight that evaluating pH (acidity vs alkalinity), free radical activity (oxidation) and the minerals in bodily fluids can be an indication of the health of your organs. For more information on cellular health assessments for A Healthy Balance, click here:

Cellular Health Assessment

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Meridian Stress Assessment (MSA) Limbic Stress Assessment (LSA)

The Meridian Stress Assessment (MSA) is a very popular energy balance and nutrition assessment tool. A non-invasive assessment of your body’s bioenergetic system using points on fingers and toes. It quickly highlights areas of nutritional balance and deficiency. When properly utilized, this approach recommends the precise of nutritional supplementation you needed given the current health of your body as well as you diet and lifestyle choices.

The Limbic Stress Assessment (LSA) is based on principles are similar to point testing (MSA) but uses palm points. Advantage: It does not have to be conducted in person. It can be done over the internet!

Energy Balance Testing


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