Nutrition Counseling
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Nutrition Counseling with Gale Leigeber / A Healthy Balance typically utilizes a 4 step holistic health based program:

Step 1: Assessment

All new client services begin with a consultation and initial assessment that will take approximately two hours.

You will provide information on personal and hereditary family medical history, diet habits and current symptoms prior to the session and this will be reviewed. As well questions about your appetite and sleep habits, food sensitivities and digestion, fatigue, exercise patterns and stress levels will be discussed.

Step 2: Personalized program

A comprehensive plan will be developed to address your needs in specific nutritional supplementation, as well as other dietary and lifestyle behavioral change recommendations to assist you in reaching your health goals and A Healthy Balance.

Since Gale provides expertise in both Clinicial Nutrition and Classical Homeopathy, and as a Nutrition Specialist, the modalities that are best for your current needs and health goals will be recommended.

Benchmarks and timetables will be discussed to set appropriate expectations.

Step 3: Monitoring

Through periodic office visits or phone consultation, Gale will review your progress.

  • What impact is the recommended nutritional supplementation providing?
  • What lifestyle changes are working for you and which are proving to be more difficult than expected?
  • Are your physical symptoms being ameliorated?
  • Are you making the desired progress toward your goals?

Based on this feedback, your personalized program may be adjusted to find the regimen that will help you achieve a healthy balance and optimal health.

Step 4: Maintenance

Once you achieve your health goals, periodic follow-up meetings are recommended to ensure that you are maintaining nutritional balance and your body remains in the optimal zone for wellness.A Healthy Balance.

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