Nutrition Education
leads to better stewardship
of your health and
A Healthy Balance

Nourishing Your Body. Tuning Your Life Force.

Nutrition Education occurs at two distinct levels:

  • Understanding the scientific principles of how the complex biological systems of a body function and what is required for optimal health.
  • With the guidance of your health care adviser, comprehend the reality of your current health condition and develop a personalized action plan of necessary steps to reach your health goals and achieve A Healthy Balance.

Progress….not perfection

For people with current health issues, the journey to wellness and A Healthy Balance may require significant change.

We don’t develop chronic ailments or significant imbalance overnight. Frequently these occur with a series of stresses in life, sub-optimal diets and inadequate nutrients. And perhaps years of neglect.

And no matter the chosen therapy, healing also takes significant time and effort. But we believe it is well worth the effort to become a good steward of your health. This begins with nutrition education.

A-Healthy-Balance supports the practical approach of positive behavioral modifications and seeking progress….not perfection. We realize that it may be difficult to address too many health issues at once. But the decision to take responsibility and action is critical.

Whether you currently suffer chronic ailments or are in relatively good health, we believe the smart approach is to build upon a strong foundation of nutrition education and ensure the right nutritional building blocks for health are in place. Then as initial health benchmarks are achieved, it makes sense to layer on incremental protocols to your personal health regime.

A holistic nutrition education understanding of common downward spirals of illness. What are the causes and how can nutrition therapy lead to A Healthy Balance and optimal health?

Ailments typically begin with stress (physical or mental).

The human adrenal system evolved to help people overcome danger and enhance survival. The moment you perceive risk, adrenalin reorients everything in your body for a great spurt of energy. Your breathing and heart rate heighten. Digestion stops and all energy is directed toward your muscles.

It’s meant to be a temporary condition and is commonly called your “fight or flight” response.

Quite valuable when you are faced by a ferocious animal in the jungle. However, in today’s world stress is often more related to meeting deadlines or financial troubles or difficult emotional situations. And too often these stresses occur when we are sedentary. Like while sitting in a meeting at work or driving a car.

Stress that is not dissipated in physical activity can become debilitating to your systems. As digestive systems are disrupted, food tends to pass right through your body causing you to remain hungry.

Stress causes your immune system to be suppressed and normal healing functions are impaired. Your pH gets off balance and even if you are eating healthy foods they are not fully absorbed by your cells.

And prolonged exposure to stress attacks your organs and can provoke many chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, heart disease, muscle pain, headaches and depression.

As well, a body in the fight mode begins to perceive even healthy substances as the enemy.

Allergies and Food Sensitivities

When your body perceives something to be a threat, it becomes overly sensitive or generates an allergic reaction to the substance. Often in highly stressed lives, nutrients that are needed for good health are avoided. This leads to imbalance at several levels.

To learn more about Food Sensitivity Assessment, click here.

Unhealthy diets or digestive malfunction create physical stress at the Cellular Level

Another complicating factor is that in our push for convenience. Some people tend to eat over processed foods or fast foods that don’t contain the full array of nutrients the body needs and lead away from A Healthy Balance. Our digestive system was developed for raw foods.

Diets high in starches lead to decreased metabolism which naturally results in weight gain unless we exercise more.

And diets high in meats and grains but low in fruits and vegetables create an acidic digestive system condition where your enzymes that are supposed to digest food substances become less active. So you absorb less nutrition out of the foods you do consume and stray from A Healthy Balance.

The combination of these factors can lead to incidences of digestive maladies like gassiness, constipation or diarrhea. As well improper nutrition leads to a feeling of low energy so we reach for the caffeine fix with coffee or soda just to try to keep up with our hectic, stressful days.

To learn more about Cell Health, click here.

The downward spiral of stress results in chronic health conditions

Prolonged stress can cause a burn out of your adrenal system and your immune system becomes impaired. Food sits in your intestines and is not digested. Toxins build up in the colon causing fatigue. We experience headaches and gastric distress.

We lack the energy to exercise and begin to become easily irritated and forgetful. And imbalance impairs the proper functions of our systems and organs.

Doesn’t sound like a desirable way to exist, right? Well the good news is that there are natural, holistic health therapies that can help you reverse the spiral back to optimal health.

And this all starts by focusing on A Healthy Balance.

How do your pursue balance? Through nutrition education.

Your road to healing and optimal health requires a clear roadmap. Focus on a sequence of actions that build upon each other to create the synergy of balance where one system aids in the performance of others. Nutrition Education aids in developing and realizing the clear roadmap.

The first priority for an unhealthy person is to decide to create a different future health state. Healing happens in both the mind and body and unless behaviors are substantially changed chronic conditions will continue to evolve. So first comes commitment to change.

The second priority is to focus strengthening impaired organs/systems and addressing pH balance. Until these are fixed other secondary treatments or lifestyle changes won’t result in significant healing.

Rehabilitation in these areas is facilitated by proper nutrition. Typically a person with health problems will require food supplements as well as improved diet. Homeopathic remedies have been demonstrated to provide positive effects and are needed, especailly in cases where underlying chronic issues prevent success even when nutritional intake is adequate.

Once all systems are functioning properly, then it is time to address other issues like desensitizing the body, ensuring a balanced healthy diet and facilitating enhanced lifestyle choices in exercise and weight loss.

Prevention through Nutrition Education

If you already are healthy or if you are just achieving this state from the steps previously mentioned, there are several actions that can help prevent the destructive cycle of stress.

Exercise is an invaluable tool to burn off the extra energy released in your system by stress.

A balanced diet that is high is fruits and vegetables and low in starch and sugars will help enhance your metabolism and ensuring digestive health. When supplemented by your personalized need for vitamins and minerals, you systems will flourish and pH will be balanced and remain in the zone for optimal health.

And top it all off with effective relaxation. Let your stress go for a while and enable your body to recuperate. This will make you much more effective when you are action oriented.

A complete nutrition education involves to parts: the knowing of the science and the personalization of your plan. A-Healthy-Balance seeks to be your partner in defining a well thought through action plan that will help you accomplish your health goals and achieve optimal health.

To get the support you need for a personalized plan to achieve better health, click here.

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