Nutrition Specialist Counseling
develops personalized health plans
using natural, holistic approaches
which generate
A Healthy Balance

Nourishing Your Body. Tuning Your Life Force.

Nutrition Specialist Counseling includes specialized training as a Nutrition Specialist. As a holistic approach, the nutrition specialist counseling sessions focus on enhancing optimal health through a variety of natural therapies.

This approach incorporates both traditional Dietetics as well as Nutrition. As a Nutrition Specialist (CNS) and Clincial Nutritionist (CCN), Gale Leigeber is trained in both the scientific physiological and biological aspects of how nutrients are digested, absorbed and metabolized as well as foods and dietary aspects of nutrition and uses these foundations in her Nutrition Specialist Counseling sessions. Gale has also had additional training in Advanced Laboratory Nutrition Analysis and she also has a background in Food Science. In her Nutrition Specialist Counseling sessions she incorporates a functional nutritional approach for optimal healing and A Healthy Balance.

Gale is also trained in Classical Homeopathy.

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This enables a broader array of natural options to help put you on the path to wellness.

A-Healthy-Balance’s fundamental approach is to ensure proper nutrients are available to support and reestablish physiologic balance.

We believe a fully functioning body leads to a better mental outlook and the general perception of well-being.

She will counsel you on appropriate behavioral changes, support you through the tough times and rejoice with your family as you achieve specific health goals.

Modern life is tough on the body

There are many factors that negatively impact your body’s ability to function in the optimal zone or throw it into disruptive imbalance leading to chronic ailments.

Consider these physical/environmental factors:

  • A confluence of germs, bacteria and viruses that attack your body on a daily basis.
  • Lifestyle choices which include over-eating, diets full of processed and fast foods, lack of daily nutrient requirements and/or insufficient exercise.
  • The natural aging process which contributes to weakening of physiological systems, reduced physical activity and a slowdown of metabolism.
  • Genetic abnormalities which impact your immune system, proper function of organs or susceptibility to certain ailments.

As well consider the mental/emotional factor:

  • Stress of complex lives, too many choices and distractions, chaotic careers.

Nutritional Specialist Counseling can provide solutions

Nutrition Specialist Counseling sessions assist you in comprehending your current condition and what is required to achieve wellness and holistic well-being. When your body is balanced you have more vitality and can enjoy more of what life has to offer.

When necessary the nutritionist advises you to make specific lifestyle choices, suggests healthier foods, recommends supplementation so your body receives the nutrients it craves as well as to get appropriate regular rest and exercise.

Small behavioral changes can have dramatic impact on your energy level and general state of well-being.

No cookie cutter--this individualized approach targets your individual needs

During the initial Nutrition Specialist Counseling consultation, Gale will review your medical history and eating habits as well as try to gain a perspective on your emotional well-being. She needs to get to know the whole you for a complete holistic solution.

She will also explore your health goals and learn what you have been doing proactively to try to overcome the physiological and emotional hurdles in your life.

Similar to how people’s fingerprints all are unique, so too are your nutritional requirements for optimal health. You will receive an individualized program based on your biochemical needs and lifestyle, recognizing the power of positive nutrition to bring your body into balance.

The uniqueness of A-Healthy-Balance approach

Nutritional consultation in general can cover a very broad variety of solutions to enhance your well-being.

Different nutritionists rely upon different approaches. Some are expert in diet and meal planning, others focus on detailed analytical tests, and others primary approach targets fitness, coaching or education. Integrating a variety of approaches in her counseling sessions as a nutritionist, Gale combines any or all of these approaches to help your journey to better health.

Gale strongly believes that when you balance nutrition, you are building a firm foundation for other therapies and behaviors to positively impact health. Discover why.

What to expect in the Integrative Nutrition counseling sessions

Gale typically utilizes a 4 step program:

Step 1: Assessment

All new client services begin with a consultation and initial assessment that will take approximately two hours.

You will provide information on personal and hereditary family medical history, diet habits and current symptoms prior to the session and this will be reviewed. As well questions about your appetite and sleep habits, food sensitivities and digestion, fatigue, exercise patterns and stress levels will be discussed.

Step 2: Personalized program

A comprehensive plan will be developed to address your needs in specific nutritional supplementation, as well as other dietary and lifestyle behavioral change recommendations to assist you in achieving your health goals.

Since Gale provides expertise in both Nutrition as a Clinical Nutritionist as well as Classical Homeopathy, the modalities that are best for your current needs and health goals will be recommended in your Classical Homeopathic and Nutrition Specialist Counseling sessions.

Benchmarks and timetables will be discussed to set appropriate expectations.

Step 3: Monitoring

Through periodic office visits or phone consultation, Gale will review your progress.

  • What impact is the recommended nutritional supplementation providing?
  • What lifestyle changes are working for you and which are proving to be more difficult than expected?
  • Are your physical symptoms being ameliorated?
  • Are you making the desired progress toward your goals?
Based on this feedback, your personalized program may be adjusted to find the regimen that will help you achieve balance and optimal health.

Step 4: Maintenance

Once you achieve your health goals, periodic follow-up meetings are recommended to ensure that you are maintaining nutritional balance and your body remains in the optimal zone for wellness.

Of course, your nutritional specialist counseling consultation process may be different, this is a totally individualized approach that starts with your needs and health goals.

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Additional considerations

If you have been suffering from chronic conditions for a long time or take several prescription medications, integrative nutrition will not be a "quick-fix". Certainly attaining nutrition balance is a positive first step in the journey to wellness, but you must have realistic expectations about what is possible in the short term.

When we decide to work together you will be asked to fill out and sign a Confidential Patient File and Consent Form. This clearly states: I am not a medical doctor and do not provide medical diagnosis.

To achieve nutritional balance, discuss your situation with Gale in a Nutritional Specialist Counseling session today!

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