Philadelphia Nutritionist
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Nourishing Your Body. Tuning Your Life Force.

Philadelphia Nutritionist Gale Leigeber is your local health care provider who is trained in the Integrative approach. Consider her if you are seeking enhanced well-being through natural therapies.

Nutritional Counseling can provide solutions

Integrative Nutrition assists you in comprehending your current condition and what is required to achieve wellness. When your body is balanced you have more vitality and can enjoy more of what life has to offer.

No cookie cutter--this individualized approach targets your individual needs

During the initial Integrative Nutrition consultation, Gale will review your medical history and eating habits as well as try to gain a perspective on your emotional well-being. She needs to get to know the whole you for a complete holistic solution.

Meet Gale Leigeber Philadelphia Nutritionist Gale Leigeber/A-Healthy-Balance has been helping clients improve their health for over 15 years. She believes that each individual is different and all improvement plans must be personalized.

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Nourishing Your Body. Tuning Your Life Force.

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