Fundamental Principles of Homeopathy
are critical to finding
A Healthy Balance

Nourishing Your Body. Tuning Your Life Force.

Principles of Homeopathy are adhered to by Classical Homeopaths.

The whole person

The first principle of Classical Homeopathy is treat the person, not the disease. This means that you consider the patient’s entire mental, physical and emotional conditions to determine the appropriate remedy in order to achieve A Healthy Balance. An holistic health approach.

Life force

There is an energy in all living organisms that strives to maintain a natural balance. Each individual aligns with one particular homeopathic archetype. By determining your specific life force the Classical Homeopath can recommend the constitutional remedy which will help you achieve and maintain optimal health and A Healthy Balance.


There is a principle of Classical Homeopathy called susceptability. You succumb to illness when your defense mechanisms are low making you more susceptible to environmental threats. In many cases emotional or physical stresses on our body make us susceptible to an illness that we might otherwise avoid.

Our immune systems are stimulated by homeopathic remedies to achieve healing.

Like cures Like

The fundamental insight of Classical Homeopathy is that natural substances which in their crude state cause the negative physiological symptoms can be utilized in a very diluted form to treat ailments. In other words, Like cures like.

Minimum dose of a single remedy

It is the practice of Classical Homeopathy to only use one remedy at a time and that the minimal dosage can be effective in stimulating the life force / immune system.


You may genetically inherit tendencies toward certain types of illness. Classical Homeopathy can help you make the best of your genetic make-up.

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Nourishing Your Body. Tuning Your Life Force.