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Understanding the benefits of Shaklee Vivix can literally improve your life, and that of your loved ones, forever.

For those seeking vitality and longer, healthier lives, you’ve come across the most significant page on A-Healthy-Balance! We hope that you will read this with both curiosity and skepticism. In the end we believe the scientific evidence is overwhelming and you too will soon become an advocate of a new approach to well-being from the inside out.

Shaklee advertises this new tonic discovery with the headline: “Live 25 years longer and feel 25 years younger!” A rather bold claim for such a conservative company as Shaklee.


Shaklee Vivix is a revolutionary breakthrough product that some are saying is uncovering the “fountain of youth” that people have been dreaming about for centuries. To the degree that this mythical fountain is a metaphor for something that increases longevity and vitality, we humbly concur.


To understand the power of Vivix, we need to start with a clinical comprehension of aging and what the concept of anti-aging is all about.

“Aging is really a set of progressing diseases. If we can slow them down and cure them, people will live longer, healthier lives” Dr. D Sinclair, Harvard Medical School.

Scientists agree there are 4 primary causes of aging at the cellular level:

  • DNA damage—your cells are assaulted daily by three things that cause damage to their DNA. The oxidation which occurs with excess stress, improper cellular reproduction and environmental factors such as low level radiation or exposure to toxins. When the cells DNA isn’t perfect for the function of that specific cell, affected cells malfunction and die. The passage of time causes your cells to be exposed to more opportunities for this type of failure, unless something can revive or repair the improper DNA strands.
  • Genetic regulators—these compounds control the dynamic balance between damage and repair; including whether the cells are revived or die. As you age, your natural defenses and ability to self-repair is diminished so cellular damage naturally increases. Enhancing these genetic regulators can stimulate vitality.
  • Cell mitochondria natural decline in cellular energy production over time—without adequate energy, your cells are less able to fully function as healthy tissues and organs.
  • Advanced Glycation End Products (AGE proteins)—similar to plaque that builds up on your teeth, over time the cell walls get plugged up and are less able to function properly for the exchange of nutrients in and waste out.

Once you know how the aging complications cause degradation of health and vitality of your cells, you simply need to find substances that can overcome these specific problems.

Many elixirs and tonics make unsubstantiated claims

When it comes to claims of health in a bottle, there are many solutions that purported to become the next magic ingredient. We think the magic is in getting so many people hyped up without any real proof. Be cautious of what you spend your money on—seek the scientific proof.

Current “hot topics” include Himalayan Goji juice, the Acai berry, Mangostee juice or Noni juice. While each of these antioxidant rich substances do have limited health benefits, their potency and long lasting effects have not been documented with clear scientific efficacy studies. And while many of the raw food materials may have health benefits, if they are improperly processed or come from sources that are not pure, the benefit your body receives may be far less than what is theoretically possible.

As well you’ve probably heard a lot press on the benefits of red wine. While we tend to enjoy a good glass of cabernet or pinot noir as much others, there simply aren’t sufficient active ingredients in a glass of wine to significantly impact health. Without drinking barrels full…. and that would tend to cause more problems than it solves.

But studying red wines impact on health did lead scientists to focus on a key molecule from the skins of grapes called resveratrol.


Since the late 90’s, there have been over 2,000 studies referencing benefits of resveratrol in scientific journals. Benefits being studied include the prevention of Huntington’s and Alzheimers disease, cardiovascular disease, lung disorders and better treatments for type 2 diabetes, cataracts and obesity.

Dr. Sinclair of Harvard has been studying to make resveratrol 1000 times more potent than the concentration in red wine to dramatically intensify it’s effectiveness at the cellular level. He believes at this level resveratrol has the power to reverse the aging process and is “the most important breakthrough in wellness in the last 100 years”.

Shaklee built upon Dr. Sinclair’s work and identified a unique source of resveratrol from a specific variety of Muscadine grape that is unique because of its poly-phenol makeup. As well Shaklee designed a new, gentle extraction processes that ensure the highest possible biological efficacy. The result includes a specific ellagic acid which is not found in ordinary grapes and is responsible for several of the anti-aging properties of Vivix.


Vivix benefits Laboratory studies have shown that Vivix positively impacts all four mechanisms of cellular aging as well as contributing to several specific health benefits:

  • Helps protect and repair cellular DNA
  • Positively impacts genetic regulators which help fight cellular aging
  • Promotes mitochondrial biogenesis, which helps increase power production within the cells
  • Reduces the formation of AGE proteins that can clog up your cells
  • Supports heart health and cardiovascular function
  • Supports brain health
  • Enhances immune system functionality
  • Promotes cellular longevity
  • Supplies antioxidants to fight free radicals

In short, one teaspoon of Vivix a day provides more resveratrol than 100 glasses of red wine and the unique formation of this supplement tonic has been proven in laboratory studies to be 10 times more powerful than resveratrol alone at slowing the formation of AGE proteins. The patented Vivix formulation also contains European Elderberry and Purple carrot extract for specific cellular benefit.

Watch a short commercial on the benefits of Shaklee Vivix,

Only available from Shaklee, now and forever more

Finally, recognizing the enormous health benefits from this “super grape” source, Shaklee has been able to secure the entire output from the largest and best growers in the world, and has filed multiple patents to protect this exclusive and innovative polyphenol formulation so no one can duplicate it.

To order Vivix and begin to feel younger, go to Gale’s Shaklee web site by clicking here.

The really smart thing to do is to pass this revolutionary story along to all those you love. Shaklee Vivix can enhance everyone’s lives, young or old. This fantastic discovery was only commercialized in late 2007. We believe 10-15 years from now the science of Vivix can positively change the health of our nation.

Think of all the health care costs that can be reduced as we help the body achieve and maintain health from the cellular level up. Bodies with strong immune systems that have significant capability to self-heal. Bodies in a healthy balance that can fully utilize all the nutrients our healthy diet provides.

More importantly, think of all the vitality of people who feel better and are able to enjoy more from a life full of vigor. We can think of no greater gift than proactive solutions to generating and maintaining strong cellular health. Shaklee Vivix does truly offer “time in a bottle”.

Try Vivix today.

This is certainly one novel product where there are great benefits to becoming an “early adopter”!

More than a great product, a wonderful opportunity

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