Your Role on the Road to Holistic Health and A Healthy Balance through Classical Homeopathy and Nutrition

Nourishing Your Body. Tuning Your Life Force.

Holistic Health and Well-being:

Your Role

1. Communicate your concerns to the Classical Homeopath or Nutritionist:

Bring notes regarding your concerns to your Classical Homeopath or Nutritionist and what led up to this visit.

Have a list of your current medications and dosages, as well as any nutritional supplements you are taking.

Describe your symptoms and concerns to your Classical Homeoapth or Nutritionist briefly, but thoroughly.

Share what else is going on in your life witih your Classical Homeoapth and Clinical Nutritionist and how you feel about it. (Divorce, death of a loved one, job change, etc.)

2. Understand the situation and ask for options:

Listen carefully to your Classical Homeopath or Nutritionist and take notes.

Ask questions until you understand what you need to know about Classical Homeopathy and Nutrition.

Ask what options are available, what the Classical Homeopath or Nutritionist recommends, and why.

3. Make an informed choice:

Learn as much as necessary about Classical Homeopathy and Nutrition, contacting other sources of information if needed.

Consider consequences of proposed Classical Homeopathy and Nutrition treatment options.

Get a second opinion if appropriate.

Understand how much each will cost and what your insurance will cover.

Choose the treatment and / or actions you believe will work best for you.

Determine the best source to provide this treatment.

4. Take action:

Commit to the chosen treatment program in Classical Homeopathy and Nutrition and / or the changes you are going to make.

Be an active participant. Do your part. Follow through with the Classical Homeopathy and Nutrition plan. Take your Nutrition supplements and / or Classical Homeopathic remedies. Follow dietary advice.

Work with all members of your "team."

Be open to changing or modifying your program if what you choose isn't working.

Adapted from "Wellness from Within: The First Step", American Holistic Health Association

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Nourishing Your Body. Tuning Your Life Force.